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A wire scratch brush is a very versatile tool to have for odd jobs around the home or shed.

This brush is great for deburring, rust and paint removal, cleaning, blending and surface preparation. It works particularly well in hard to reach areas that aren’t easily accessible with a power wire brush.

The brush bristles are made from a crimped wire.


Brass (Green Plastic Handle) – The brush bristles are made from a crimped brass wire. This type of wire creates no spark and is best suited to use on brass and copper surfaces. It can also be used on steel, stainless steel, aluminium, iron, plastic and wood – however Josco recommends either using the stainless steel or brass coated steel scratch brush varieties for these types of surfaces.

Brass coated Steel (Red Plastic Handle) – The wire bristles are made from a brass coated high carbon steel. This wire type provides high tensile strength and cutting performance. It is commonly used for demanding brushing and deburring applications. It is a very versatile wire type also, and can be used on steel, brass, iron, plastic and wood.

Stainless Steel (Green Plastic Handle) – The wire bristles are made from 316 graded stainless steel. This is a premium wire, ideal for Australia’s harsh climate conditions. Grade 316 has an increased resistance to corrosion in marine environments.  Josco recommends this product only to be used on stainless steel or aluminium surfaces in order to avoid rust contamination.

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  1. Eric Fraser (verified owner)

    Solid useful brushes. Nice to have the range of options also.

    • Dearna Edwards

      Hi Eric,
      We appreciate the feedback. We are currently working towards making our range a little bigger.
      Kind Regards,

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