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Keep your pens handy with our industrial strength Workstation Magnetic Pen Holder.

Your best mate in the factory, workshop, warehouse, on the forklift or any worksite.

What is a Workstation Magnetic Pen Holder?

Made from 3D printed PLA Polyester, so is strong and hard wearing.  Fitted with an industrial strength Pot Magnet N38 ASNQ-A42. Designed with 2 holes, one for a standard pen, the other for a Permanent Marker. Keeps your pens close and ready to use at any time.

How to use your Workstation Magnetic Pen Holder:

  • Designed for the workshop, factory, construction or worksite or warehouse
  • Attach to cabinets, pallet racks, machinery, stairs, forklifts, utes, anything magnetic!
  • Portable – can be relocated as needed without dismantling
  • Strong – not easy to knock over, holds well to any steel surface
  • Encourages return of the pens to their Holders, less likely to disappear in pockets!
  • One for each workstation in line with LEAN Principles, the right tool exactly where you need it
  • Coloured for easy identification

What colours does the Workstation Magnetic Pen Holder come in?

Red, Blue, Yellow, Green

Purchase as Singles, 3-pack, 6-pack, 12-pack

Purchase as a 4 colour pack in pack of 4, and pack of 12 (3 of each colour)


  • Pen Holder including Magnet – you supply your own pens
  • Complete with Artline 70 Permanent Marker Black and our own Busy Bee stylus Pen

How can I purchase?

Buy as Singles, or in quantities of 3 units, 6 units, 12 units.  Or purchase in packs of 4 with one of each colour in multiple packs of single (4 pen holders), or 3-pack (12 pen holders).

Why choose BB Engineering Plastics as your Plastic Supplier?

With 25+ years’ experience in the supply of engineering plastic sheet and rod, Busy Bee is proud of our ability to source and supply small batch quantities quickly and efficiently to the Australian market. So, if you are looking for cut to size engineering solid plastic rod supplier, Busy Bee is your one stop shop.

Not sure which option is best for you?  Please Contact Us and our friendly team will be happy to help.


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