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Hand Scratch cleaning brush for getting into tiny spaces

A wire scratch brush is a very versatile tool to have for odd jobs around the home or shed.

This brush is great for deburring, rust and paint removal, cleaning, blending and surface preparation. It works particularly well in hard to reach areas that aren’t easily accessible with a power wire brush.

OPTIONS: Choose one style or a Mixed pack

Brass – The brush bristles are made from a crimped brass wire. This type of wire creates no spark and is best suited to use on brass and copper surfaces.

Steel  – Suitable for the removal of paint and rust on steel, brass, iron, plastic and wood surfaces

Stainless Steel  – Premium stainless steel wire hand brush with increased resistance to corrosion in marine environments. Best used for brushing stainless steel and aluminium surfaces and getting into hard-to-reach areas.

Nylon – Abrasive impregnated nylon filament for corrosion and paint removal on steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, iron, plastic and wood.

All come in packs of 4.

Click here for our larger Channel Scratch brushes.


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