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PTFE Plastic Rod for engineering applications

PTFE Plastic Rod, readily known as Teflon™ is an engineering plastic that can handle high temperatures, has a high chemical resistance, and has the lowest coefficient of friction, in comparison with other plastics such as Nylon or Acetal.  The working temperature is around 250-260C and has a melting temperature of 327C.

PTFE is used for industrial applications that require sliding action.  Great for bearings, gears, slide plates.  Also has very good electrical insulation properties.  And can handle outdoor conditions.

Other uses:  Seals, Seats, Packing,

Also known as Teflon, Polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE, Tetron.

Any piece of machinery that requires greater lubrication should be constructed with Teflon rather than nylon, since Teflon’s water-repellent properties make it a stronger lubricant.

What is the difference between PTFE and Teflon?

They are the same thing. Teflon is a brand name of PTFE which is a registered trademark owned by the Du Pont company.

Choose Busy Bee Brushware as Your PTFE / Teflon Rod Suppliers

For over 35 years Busy Bee Brushware has been supplying Aussie businesses with locally manufactured brushware and plastic goods. And we’re renowned in the industry as a leading engineering plastic rod supplier. We’re proud of our ability to create premium quality custom orders and distribute them quickly and efficiently Australia-wide. So if you’re looking for an engineering plastic rod supplier in Australia, Busy Bee Brushware is your one-stop-shop. Check out our range of PTFE Teflon rods online today.


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