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Rack Off® Roof Gutter Brush is a twist wire brush to prevent leaves, dirt and plant matter from getting into your guttering.  Easy to install, no need for fasteners or brackets. Gutter Brush comes in lengths of 1 metre that are placed in your roof gutter. Gutter Brush can be placed end to end, can be bent to go around the corners of your roof guttering to provide continuous gutter protection. Great for blocking open gaps in your roof-line, and placing under Solar Panels to keep out pests.

Why use Rack Off® Gutter Brush?

  • Prevents build-up of leaves, dirt, debris, and other obstructions
  • Still allows free water flow into your gutters
  • Acts as a deterrent to birds, mice, rats and other pests from nesting and invading your ceiling space
  • Easy to DIY install
  • Helps to maintain your guttering and reduce the onset of rusting from leaf matter building up in your gutter.
  • Easy to clean – simply lift out, shake or hose off and re-use
  • Great for your home, garage, shed or warehouse

Product Specifications:

  • Galvanised steel twisted wire
  • Heavy Duty crimped Polypropylene fibre
  • UV resistant
  • Australian Made and owned

Product Options:

  • 110mm diameter
  • 125mm diameter
  • NEW 150mm and 175mm diameter – great for under the lip of your Solar Panels to keep out pests (available only in box sizes)
  • Other sizes available as a custom order.
  • Flat Rate Freight for shipping throughout Australia

WARNING: When bushfires are imminent, remove Gutter Brush. Block drainpipes and fill gutters with water as recommended by Fire Authorities.


No of UnitsSingles x 6Singles x 12Half BoxFull Box
Dimensions104 x 21 x 21cm, 2kg 104 x 43 x 21cm, 4kg 104 x 37 x 37cm, 8kg104 x 52 x 52cm, 12kg

Why is Gutter Cleaning important?

Neglecting to clean your gutters can have significant repercussions in Australian weather conditions. In regions prone to heavy rainfall, such as parts of Queensland and New South Wales, clogged gutters can lead to water overflowing and pouring down the exterior walls of your home. This excess water can infiltrate the foundation, potentially causing erosion and undermining its structural stability. Over time, this can lead to costly foundation repairs. Moreover, the persistent moisture from overflowing gutters can create a favourable environment for mould and mildew growth, which can harm indoor air quality and pose health concerns for you and your household.

In areas susceptible to bushfires, like many parts of Australia, clean gutters are essential for reducing fire risks. Dry leaves, twigs, and debris accumulated in gutters can become fuel during bushfire seasons. In the event of a nearby fire, these materials can ignite and potentially spread to your home, putting your property and safety in jeopardy. Regular gutter maintenance is crucial in Australian climates to mitigate these risks and protect your home from both water damage and fire hazards.

WARNING: When bushfires are imminent, remove Gutter Brush. Block drainpipes and fill gutters with water as recommended by Fire Authorities.

4 reviews for this product

  1. Jason

    Very prompt delivery , great communication , and very helpful from my initial visit. I am actually using these for another reason. Have fitted them between tracks on large sliding shed doors. Very easy to fit between odd shapes. And now no birds are getting in. ???

    • Andrea Frier

      Hi Jason,
      Really glad that our Gutter Guard worked well for your application.
      We really appreciate your feedback.
      Thanks and regards

  2. Julia

    Prompt delivery, within 24 hours of ordering, and we are in country Victoria. Very helpful and quick responses to queries, hope to keep the leaves out of our gutters and also repel birds from sitting on the edges!
    Kind regards


    Unable to purchase due to being out of stock. I am wanting to support Australian business rather than buying from eBay but you can’t even post to different states. Pick up only 🙁

    • Andrea Frier

      Hi Marlowe
      Thanks for your message and feedback.
      This product is in stock, however we do specify that you PLEASE Contact Us TO DISCUSS VOLUME DISCOUNT AND FREIGHT OPTIONS. As the size of the cartons are volumetric we try to work out the best deal for our customers based on number of units required and your shipping location.
      So please contact us directly on 03 9768 2865 or email with your needs and we would be happy to provide you with a quote.

  4. Pierre Pesenti

    Good service on phone, quick delivery of gutter brush, easy to install, easy to clean when really dirty. Fixed mesh is hard to install and makes cleaning gutters very difficult when silt has filled gutter

    • Dearna Edwards

      Hi Pierre,
      Thank you for your kind words it has been a pleasure working with you over the last few years.
      We are glad to hear that you are having good results for your customers with our product and look forward to continuing the relationship for years to come.
      Kind Regards,

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