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Essential for cleaning your Wood Fired Pizza oven floor, or any bakery oven for that matter.  Natural JAVA fibres that can handle the heat. Great alternative to brass or steel brushes that may break down over time and end up in your pizzas!!

Comes in a timber hardwood backing and fitted with a 90 degree metal socket.  All you need to do is add your 25mm dia timber handle and you are ready for cleaning.

Pair with our heavy duty Metal Dustpan and coco fibre banister brush. Click here.


Length: 460mm

Width: 70mm

Overall backing and bristle height: 100mm

Brush head only.  Supplying the timber handle just adds to the freight, when you can readily source this from your local hardware store.

Directions for use:

Use a metal scraper or rake to push the hot coals away from the area to be cleaned. Then use the oven brush to remove the fine dust or grit.  Easy to do when the pizza oven is cold, best to use the other tools to preserve the backing of the brush.  It is important to check your brush head regularly and replace when the bristles are starting to wear.

Brush head manufactured in Australia by Geelong Brush Company, fitted at our factory in Melbourne.  Support local manufacturing.

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