Product Description

Threaded Adaptors for Tube Brushes to clean your Boiler or Condensor Tubes.

Easy connectivity. Screw on and off by hand. Use with our range of Rod extensions.

Tube Brush Range Extension Rods

UA1 – Universal Adaptor (BRASS) – female 3/4 inch to female 1/2 inch BSW (British Standard Whitworth fitting)

Connects our Chimney Rods to be suitable for our heavy duty Boiler Tube Brushes.  One end is 3/4 inch, the other 1/2 inch BSW fitting. Great for plumbing applications. Can also be used with our Timber File Handle for shorter applications.

UA3 – STEEL Adaptor – male 1/2 inch BSW to female 5/16 inch 

One end is 1/2 inch BSW Male, the other is 5/16 inch Female.  Use this Adaptor to connect our Condensor Tube Brushes to our 900mm (3 foot) Twist Wire Rods.

UA4 – STEEL Adaptor – male 5/16 inch to female 3/16 inch

One end is 5/16 inch Male, the other is 3/16 inch Female.  Use this adaptor with our smaller Condensor Tube brushes to use with our 1500mm Fibreglass Rods. Great for getting into those hard to reach machinery parts.

UA5 – STEEL DRILL Adaptor – male 3/4 inch adaptor for use in a power drill

Use this to connect our Tube Brushes and UA1 Brass Adaptor to use in a drill. Or for Professional Chimney Rods. Always use with a Power Drill on slow speed.

Not sure which option is best for you?  Please Contact Us and our friendly team will be happy to help.


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