Product Description

Boat Trailer Accessories – Outboard Motor Wedges – Set of 2 – OBSOLETE ONCE SOLD

5 Degree Motor Wedges Suits Most Standard Footprints for Motors 40Hp to 90Hp.

  • High quality Polyurethane (PE) (Black)
  • Adds 5 degrees of tuck (negative tilt) to engine, so the motor sits lower in the water
  • Improves performance for boats with insufficient transom angle
  • Improves boat planing at low speeds
  • Fits All Standard Outboard 4-Bolt Patterns
  • Full Contact Between Outboard Engine Bracket and Boat Transom

Additional Information:

The offset from top to bottom hole is approx. 40mm and distance between top and bottom hole is approx. 200mm.

Tapers from approx. 25mm thick one end to approx. 4mm.

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