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Polyurethane V Block’s Come In a Variety Of Sizes:

  • 2 Inch- Base Width=50mm, Fork Width=85mm, Depth Of V=40mm, 1/2″ Pin Hole
  • 3 Inch- Base Width=75mm, Fork Width=105mm, Depth Of V=50mm, 1/2″ Pin Hole
  • 4 Inch- Base Width=90mm, Fork Width=110mm, Depth Of V=50mm, 1/2″ Pin Hole
  • 5 Inch- Base Width=110mm, Fork Width=135mm, Depth Of V=80mm, 1/2″ Pin Hole – Out of Stock
  • 6 Inch- Base Width=110mm, Fork Width=150mm, Depth Of V=45mm, 1/2″ Pin Hole


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