Product Description

Brush Spray Suppressant to protect your truck and other vehicles on the road.

Why do you need Brush Spray Suppressant?

Brush Spray Suppressant on Trucks, Trailers and Buses, diverts water, dirt and dust from the vehicle wheels back onto the road.  Reduces road spray in wet weather and knocks down small debris that may be kicked up into the path of other drivers.

What is it?

Wheel Whiskers ® is a continuous length Brush Strip in a range of Profiles that can be cut to length, or made to order, for your application. Custom designed by Busy Bee Brushware.

The brush back is a sturdy Magnalene (LDPE Low Density Polyethylene)  plastic filled with tough long lasting Polypropylene fibre. The diameter/thickness of the fibre varies dependent on the brush trim length.

What is it used for?

  • Fit down the side of your Truck Trailer to deflect rain and debris downwards
  • Fit around the wheel hub of your Caravan or towed vehicle
  • Long lengths available for Tri-Axle Trailers
  • Conveyor belt skirting
  • Bottling conveyors, to softly control the flow and direction of the bottles
  • Manufacturing applications
  • Door Seals to keep out dust and vermin
  • Cold Room doors to seal and maintain temperature
  • Computer room cabling protection

Fitting options:

Wheel Whiskers ® can be fitted using Aluminium Clips (H or F Clips), or for straight applications you can use our Strip Brush Holders in a variety of Profiles. It requires the holder for fitting, the backing cannot be drilled as this is what holds the brush in place.

As an alternative, please view our Flexi Brush Strip.  Our Flexi Brush Strip have a larger plastic backing which means you can screw or rivet straight into the backing.

Aluminium Clips     Steel Spring Clips     Strip Brush Holders

Wheel Whiskers ®  are sold in increments of 1 metre.  Please note in your Special Instructions whether you wish to have separate increments or continuous length.

Not sure which option is best for you?  Please Contact Us and our friendly team will be happy to help.

1 review for this product

  1. Monica Martin

    Excellent product has worked a treat on our Motorhome bus conversion. Could not fault the help over the phone when ordering the brushes. Highly recommend and so does Brucethebus ????

    • Dearna Edwards

      Hi Monica,
      Thank you for your kind words. We are glad to hear that both Brucethebus and yourself are happy with the Wheel Whiskers and the service provided.
      Kind Regards

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