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Busy Bee Brushware Lead Light Putty Brush is designed to be light and easy to use.

With a range of fills to suit different putties and uses.

  • Soft blue nylon fill is a light plastic fill, it has a wide spaced pattern and a directed tuft.
  • Tampico is a natural fibre fill, it has a wide spaced pattern and a splayed tuft.
  • Union fibre (tough Poly Fill) is a stiffer, more durable fibre mix containing Poly with a wide tuft splay (Obsolete)

Brush Dimensions:


  • 170mm


  • 55mm

Size Overall:

  • 45mm


  • 30mm

Click here for our Lead Light Polishing round discs to use with a drill.

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  1. David (verified owner)

    The tampico fibre brush is absolutely magnificent for hand polishing and cleaning lead light. It is the best brush for lead light I have used.

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