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Perfect for cleaning the car, 4WD, boat, caravan, bus or truck, even your dog or horse!

Our Soap Foaming Wash Tool gives you a great clean from its thick, rich foaming action.  It is designed to cover the surface with a thick layer of foam which breaks down the dirt and drips off without the need for harsh brushing.  Saves you TIME and WATER.  Reduces the need to keep replacing dirty bucket water.  Simply fill the heavy duty container, connect to your hose and foam away.  And with the quick release nozzle, rinsing is easy.  Contains 3 Metering Tips so you can choose the volume of foam for your application.

Package contents:

  1. Foamer Bottle (1.4 litre/48 oz. capacity)
  2. Foamer Lid
  3. Quick Release Collar
  4. (3) Metering Tips
  5. Suction Tube
  6. Strainer
  7. Nozzle

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 Instructions for use:

1. Pour your choice of foaming product undiluted into the Foamer Bottle.  Screw on the Foamer Lid firmly, but do not over tighten.

2. Attach the Quick Release Collar to the front of the Spray Nozzle and a water hose to the bottom.  To attach these to the lid, push the Quick Release Collar onto the lid until it clicks.

3.  Turn on water.  Grip and squeeze the Spray Nozzle Handle to apply the foam.

4.  Disconnect the Spray Nozzle by pulling back on the Quick Release Collar in the direction of the imprinted arrow to allow rinsing.

Other information:

We suggest you follow any manufacturers recommendations when choosing your foaming tool soap.

ATTACH only to tap water outlets (85 PSI maximum).

ALWAYS make certain that all parts are assembled tightly.

ALWAYS direct discharge away from you and others or into approved containers.

CLEAN equipment:

1.  When switching between different products.

2.  If product is used less than once a week.

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