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Cattle scratching brushes that your babies will love.

This item is a SPECIAL ORDER.  This was a recent custom item that we made for a lovely lady and we are pleased that it has worked so well.  It is designed to go over a metal or timber pole approx. 110mm dia. As a single item it is designed that it can rotate around as needed, but you would need to cap the top so the cattle don’t push it upwards off the pole.  You can then move the brush from paddock to paddock as needed.  Alternatively, purchase 2 brushes to achieve a permanent set up such as in the photo.


  • Brush inner –  Galvanised Steel Core – 114mm outside diameter, internal 112mm diameter, pipe length 1300mm, brush starts 400mm from one end – suited to going over a 110mm dia metal or timber pole
  • Brush –  Black oval polypropylene bristle 0.090″ thickness, Brush face 900mm, spiral wound onto the pipe

As this is the first time we have provided a brush as a Cattle Brush, we are not sure what we can provide in terms of a Warranty.  We really have no idea what kind of wear and tear will come from Cattle.  It is quite different to our usual “fit for purpose” warranty that we offer.  This one might need to be buyer beware.  Having said that, this type of brush is used in Sweeper machines, so is really heavy duty.

2022 UPDATE – 2 years in and no complaints so far!!

This brush is made by one of our strategic brush manufacturing partners in Australia using all Australian made products. They have the specialised machinery to manufacture a large brush such as this.

THIS ITEM IS NOW SPECIAL ORDER.  PLEASE CONTACT US FOR DETAILS. Please allow 15-20 working days for production.

Shipping dimensions:   136 x 52 x 52cm  Weight 15kg


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