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Heavy Duty Brass Wire Brush for large diameter pipes

Heavy duty round brush for larger applications such as cleaning larger Stainless Steel or Brass pipes and larger tubes. When a regular Tube Brush won’t do.

These custom brushes are manufactured in Australia with Australian made materials.

Barrel Brushes are constructed with a strong Kiln-dried hardwood core.  The inside bore is fitted with a 1/2 inch BSW Coach Bolt and Nut. So you can use your Barrel Brush with our UA1 Universal Adaptor and Timber Handle. Alternatively you can attach our Professional R900 Extension Rods to get into longer tubes and pipes to extend your cleaning.

Choosing the right brush?

Generally, it is best to match the brush to your application. Brass wire creates no spark and is best suited to use on brass and copper surfaces. It can also be used on steel, stainless steel, aluminium, iron, plastic and wood.  A Steel Boiler Tube brush should be used for ferrous metal tubes. We also have a range of nylon tube brushes, plus we can custom manufacture a brush to suit your needs. Small run production is our specialty.

Tube Brush Range Extension Rods Male Female Adaptors


  • Hardwood core 120-130mm length
  • Brass Bristle length is usually 15mm to 20mm
  • Core Diameter ranges from 45mm to 110mm diameter, depending on the finished diameter required.
  • Fibre used is 0.3mm Crimped Brass Wire Fill.
  • Fitted with 1/2″ BSW Zinc plated Coach Bolt 7″ length

Overall diameter brush sizes available:

  • 70-79mm
  • 80-89mm
  • 90-99mm
  • 100-109mm
  • 110-119mm
  • 120-129mm
  • 130-139mm
  • 140-149mm

Note – when purchasing this item, please use the Comments section of the Shopping Cart to specify the exact diameter brush you need and we can trim to size.

Not sure which option is best for you?  Please Contact Us and our friendly team will be happy to help.


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