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This is our most popular Flue Cleaning Brush Kit, strong and flexible, manufactured in Australia from all Australian materials.  Ideal for cleaning straight Flues.  Sizes available for single storey, double storey and split level homes.

Tip 1:  For the best clean, choose a Flue Brush Head the same size as the inside diameter of your Flue.

Tip 2:  If your Flue has bends, we recommend you consider our Flexi Flue Cleaning Brush Kit.

Our Polypropylene Flue Brush Head is widely recommended for most Flue Cleaning applications.  The polypropylene bristles are hard wearing, long lasting and strong enough to give you a great clean.  Accompanied by our Twist Wire Galvanised Rods, simply screw the rods together to the length that you need.

Kit includes:

  • 1 x Flue Brush Head – sizes 4 inch (101mm) to 8 inch (203mm) diameter. This is a twisted in wire brush, with Polypropylene fibre spun into galvanised wire with a 1/2 inch BSW Ferrule fitting.
  • Our Twist Wire Rods are 3 foot (91cm) in length and have a 1/2″ BSW Male & Female Ferrule at each end.  Simply screw the Rods together end to end for the length you need.  Choose 12 foot (4 metres) for single storey, 18 foot (5.4m) for split level, or 21 foot (6.3m) for double storey.
  • 1 x Timber Handle with 1/2″ BSW Female fitting to complete the Kit and make for easy handling

BONUS packet of Sootloose flue cleaner (50g) for a limited time only!

All kits are individually boxed for easy storage.

Note – for cleaning your Chimney, we recommend our Semi Professional Chimney Cleaning Brush Kit

21 reviews for this product

  1. David

    Hi, Just wanted to let you know we received our Poly Flue Brush Kit (12 ft) today, and I have cleaned 6 years of flue soot, from our recently purchased home, in no time at all. Our order was processed and shipped promptly, it was exactly as ordered, and has worked perfectly. We also used the complimentary Nook and Cranny Brush. Thank you. Perfect for outdoor window sill cobwebs, always present in the country. Thanks for a very professional, and spot on, transaction. Just what we wanted. If only all my jobs around the house were made as easy. Regards, David

  2. Lyndon

    I received our flue brush kit within 2 days of ordering, very prompt delivery and a professional outfit.I haven’t used the brush yet but I am sure it will do the job.
    Thanks again

  3. DBrown

    Hi Chris,
    Item arrived early last week and thank you for including the bonus extras! Am impressed with the customer service and would definitely purchase from busy bee again in the future.
    Hi Darren, thanks for your feedback, it is much appreciated. Regards Andrea. Busy Bee

  4. Michael

    Thanks for the flue brush kit. Works well. Quick delivery. Excellent quality. Great service!

    Hi Michael
    Thanks for your review. It is much appreciated.

  5. Peter

    I found the brush almost impossible to get up the chimney as it was too tight. I had a professional chimney man around at the time, and he said that all I had to do was trim a bit off the bristles, so I cut about 5mm off the bristles all around, and it now works perfectly. Secondly, the wire rods are a bit lightweight, and bend out of shape inside the chimney, meaning I can’t get a firm push upward without “bounciness”, particularly as I can’t get directly under the chimney, and accordingly can’t push as hard as I would like.

  6. Andrew

    Cheers for the flue brush kit 21′, prompt delivery everything was there great service and communication, it works great cheers

  7. Andrea Frier

    Hi, I have received the product and got to use it a couple of weeks ago, I don’t have social media so my only review is as follows:

    The product arrived in just 3 days, BusyBee threw in a Soot Cleaner pack and Nook and Cranny Brush, thanks a lot for that, the Chimney Brush held up perfect to the abuse, none of the wires got stripped, best of all.. It’s Australian made, help our economy out and buy some quality, you’ve just hit two birds with one stone.

    Received from Erdinc

  8. Steve

    this is a great product from a great australian company the transaction was hassle free with quick delivery bonus product and great communication thanks to chris and the team

  9. Jim

    Product well made and works great . service was excellent

    • Andrea Frier

      Thanks Jim for your feedback. Regards. Andrea

  10. Hans (verified owner)

    Hi Andrea

    Have already done the flue sweep very successfully. Ready for winter????. The kit was very easy to use. As it turned out there wasn’t much soot in the flue, which is what I like.

    Also thanks for the additional brush and chimney cleaner free of charge.

    Great service.

    • Andrea Frier

      Hi Hans
      Thanks for your feedback, it is much appreciated. We are proud to manufacture a quality Australian Made product.

  11. Taya Michalski

    Hi Chris, Just wanted to say that I’m very happy with the purchase of the flue cleaning kit. I did my research and there were several cheaper options, but I wanted a good quality Australian made product and you have delivered! It was the first time I’ve cleaned a flue, as I’ve always paid for someone else to do it, and I found your tools so easy to use that I know I’ve definitely saved money in the longer term now. The customer service has also been prompt and efficient with my queries. Highly recommend. Cheers Taya

    • Andrea Frier

      Hi Taya
      Thanks for your comments, we try hard to provide a quality product. And we are proud to have the Australian Made licence on our Flue Brush Kits.
      Thanks again
      Busy Bee

  12. Dunc (verified owner)

    Purchased a flue brush kit from busy bee. Great service, fast dispatch and even a personal e-mail asking me to let the team know when the brush arrived. Had it a couple of months now and used the brush kit. Worked very well and equipment is exactly as expected, good quality tool, great company to order from. Would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking.

    • Daniel

      Hi Dunc,
      Thank you very much for your review, we’re glad to hear that the Flue Brush Kit worked so well for you.

  13. Han van den Heuvel

    I received my Flue brush kit promptly even in this covid 19 crisis. It worked wonderfully. The wife would not let me use the slow combustion heater unless the flue was cleaned. Now I can clean it myself every year before winter. The complementary brush has already been used under the fridge.

    • Andrea Frier

      Hi Han
      Thanks for your Feedback, and you should always listen to your wife!! Depending on the type of wood you are burning, it is recommended to clean your Flue before Winter when you start to use it, and then approx half way through to keep your Woodheater maintained.
      Thanks and regards

  14. Mirjam Allen (verified owner)

    Easy to use and works great. Not flimsy like some other products we have seen. Sturdy. Highly recommend this product.

    • Dearna Edwards

      Hi Mirjam,
      Thank you so much for your kind words.
      We are so glad that the flue kit worked so well for you.
      Kind regards,

  15. Anna (verified owner)

    Our flue cleaner arrived a few weeks ago. We’ve tried it out and love it! Really great business and we’ll recommend your product to friends and fam 🙂 we love to support Aussie made goods

    • Andrea Frier

      Thanks Anna for your feedback. We are proud to have the Australian Made Campaign licence on our Flue Cleaning Brush Kits.
      We are pleased the Kit worked well for you.

  16. Mick McCoy (verified owner)

    A great product! I bought a standard flue cleaning brush kit for a recently purchased holiday house. Before cleaning, smoke was reluctant to go up the flue and would billow into the room each time the wood burner’s door was opened. Afterwards, no lingering smoke and far better drawing fire. Easy to use, great design, well made. Highly recommended.

    • Dearna Edwards

      Hi Mick,
      Thank you very much for your kind words.
      We are so glad that this has worked so well for you.
      Kind Regards,

  17. Denis (verified owner)

    Great product ; Great service ; Great Team .Sturdy. Highly recommend and I have experience ; I had the First cleaning company ( Chimney’s , Floors , Carpets , windows ) on the West of Ireland 40 years ago .

    • Dearna Edwards

      Hi Denis,
      Thank you very much for your kinds words. We really appreciate it as we do strive for a great Australian Product with even better service.
      Kind Regards,

  18. Paul Byron (verified owner)

    I’ve now used my 5 inch flue cleaning brush for the first time and it did the job well. The quality is evident in all aspects of it’s manufacture. It is my pleasure to submit this review.

    • Dearna Edwards

      Thanks for your review Paul, it is appreciated.
      Kind Regards,

  19. Ross McLennan (verified owner)

    After deliberating the costs of having my 2 flues cleaned professionally I opted to buy a flue kit from Busy Bee and finally attempted to do it myself. It is apparent that my apprehension was far worse than the execution because the whole job went very smoothly, I am thrilled with the result. A special thanks to Dearna in helping me choose the correct kit. The quality of the kit is exceptional and the delivery time was just 3 days…outstanding.

    • Dearna Edwards

      Hi Ross, We are so glad to hear that you are happy with your Polypropylene Flue Brush Kit and your experience with us was such a positive one. Kind Regards, Dearna

  20. Marian

    Hi bought a flute brush cleaning kit from you guys used it for the first time and it’s amazing clean as a whistle Will recommend very good product

    • Dearna Edwards

      Hi Marian, Thank you for your kind words. We are proud of our Australian Made Flue Kit and are glad that you are enjoying it also. Kind Regards, Dearna

  21. Greg

    great quality product, easy to use and stiff enough to bend well into the flue

    • Dearna Edwards

      Hi Greg, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review we are glad to hear that you are enjoying the Flue Kit. Kind Regards, Dearna

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