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This is our Heavy Duty Flue Cleaning Brush Kit for our customers who just love GAL!!!!  The main advantage is that you don’t need your Flue to totally cool down to be able to clean, the Galvanised Wire Brush can handle the heat!

Kit includes:

  • 1 X  Galvanised Steel Wire Brush Head with 1/2″ Whitworth fitting.
  • Twisted Galvanised Steel Wire Rods made from 9-gauge (3.5mm dia) wire fitted with 1/2 inch BSW Male and Female ends.  Our rods are strong but flexible, in lengths of 3 foot (91.44 cm).  Simply choose the number of Rods you need for the length of Flue you need to clean and screw the Rods together, end to end to make up the length.
  • 1 x Timber Handle with 1/2 inch BSW Female fitting.  Screw this to the end of your Rods to complete the Kit

All kits are proudly manufactured in Australia with Australian products.

All kits are individually boxed, for easy storage.

Handy Tips:

Tip 1:  For the best clean, choose a Flue Brush Head the same size as the inside diameter of your Flue.

Tip 2:  If your Flue has bends, we recommend you consider our Flexi Flue Cleaning Brush Kit.

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