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Why use Boiler Tube Brushes?

Dirty tubes can reduce efficiency, so it’s important to keep your Tubes clean. Our wire Boiler Tube Brushes are designed for aggressive internal cleaning of tubes and holes.  Great for general cleaning and removal of rust and scale. Great for carbon removal, cleaning and deburring internal keyways and grooves.  Manufactured in our factory in Melbourne.


  • Made from BRASS Crimp Wire 0.30mm for brushes up to 39mm dia; 0.45mm thickness fibre for larger diameter brushes
  • Single spiral
  • 150mm brush face
  • Threaded End with 1/2 inch BSW fitting.
  • Suitable for power tools and drill presses at slow speed or as a hand tool

Choosing the right brush?

Generally, it is best to match the brush to your application. Brass wire creates no spark and is best suited to use on brass and copper surfaces. It can also be used on steel, stainless steel, aluminium, iron, plastic and wood.  A Steel Boiler Tube brush should be used for ferrous metal tubes. We also have a range of nylon tube brushes, plus we can custom manufacture a brush to suit your needs. Small run production is our specialty.

Please Contact us today to discuss your particular application.

Available sizes:

  • 22 – 29mm diameter
  • 30 – 39mm
  • 40 – 49mm
  • 50 – 59mm
  • 60 – 69mm
  • 70 – 79mm
  • 80 – 89mm

For larger diameters in Brass, our Solid Core Brass Wire Barrel Brushes would be suitable for your application.

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Need a different size? CONTACT US to discuss your options. Minimum quantity requirements may apply.


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