Product Description

Our Boot Cleaner is specifically designed for use in Pharma and food processing industries. Can handle harder environmental conditions particularly with cleaning applications.

Our frames are made from 316 Stainless Steel (Marine Grade). Can be immersed in cleaning and caustic fluids.

All this makes for a very versatile Boot Cleaner. Softer Brush Bristles of Nylon and Polyester with Natural White High Density Polyethylene backing make for a less aggressive clean than found with the more robust Yellow Model. Food Grade. The materials used in this product are all Food Grade. The Base Brush is made from Polyester Bristles and are firmer than the Side Brushes, which are made from Nylon. This matched to the HDPE backing and Stainless staples give you full confidence with this product. Busy Bee can supply replacement brushes and can arrange shipping to most destinations within Australia at short notice.

Outside Dimensions

  • Length 270mm
  • Height 180mm
  • Width 255mm

Inside Dimensions (Boot Space)

  • Length 230mm
  • Height 100mm
  • Width 100mm


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